Policy and Procedures

The Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground policies are in place to make sure that all our guests have a safe and enjoyable time. If you have an issue with another guest during your stay,
please call us at (865) 444-GATE (4283). Feel free to call any time and let us address the issue. If they are disturbing you, they are probably disturbing others also. Thank You!

In the event of an emergency, dial 911.
2Weather Emergencies
If the fire siren sounds a high pitch for an extended time, it is a severe weather emergency. Please seek shelter at the clubhouse located at the back of the check-in center, they are doors at both sides of the building.
3Cancellation or changing of dates Policy
Cancellations MUST be completed by phone or in person, and MUST be done no less than 7 days prior to arrival date or deposit will be forfeited. Credit will be issued less 15% plus tax cancellation fee on first nights deposit when cancellation is before 7 days.
4Check-In Policy
Check in time is 2:00 PM. Check out time is 11:00 AM. Longer stay will require another day’s rental fee of site. If you arrive after the office is closed you MUST check-in at the office before 10:00 AM otherwise your site will be given out. Only campers with reservations will be admitted after 8 PM.
At check-in, please verify your dates. We do not offer refunds.
Visitors must register at the office before entering the park. There is a day use fee that will need to be paid. All guests must leave the park by 11:00PM. Campsite maximum occupancy is 8 people per campsite.
2Quiet Hours
As a courtesy to your neighbors, quiet hours are from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. All minors must be at their campsite unless escorted by an adult after 10:00 PM. Please be considerate of others. No loud music at any time! Anyone causing excessive noise or a disturbance will be asked to leave without a refund. Please do no shortcut through your neighbors’ campsite.
Guests and their visitors are expected to behave in a manner consistent with a family atmosphere. Adult supervision is required for all minors (under 21) i.e. no leaving minors unattended. Littering, stone throwing, defacing trees, picnic tables, road signs, or any other campground or other camper’s property, and destructive or dangerous behaviors are strictly prohibited.
Household pets are welcome only in the campground area and NOT in the Cabins. No aggressive pets or excessive barking pets allowed. All registered guests must have proof of rabies vaccination when registering and be able to provide documentation if asked. State law requires all pets to be on a leash. Pet owners MUST clean up all droppings and dispose of properly at all times. No pets allowed in any building, playground, activities center, pool area or rental units. Do not leave pets unattended.
5Vehicle Restrictions
No more than 2 licensed vehicles are allowed per site, unless allowed by management. NO Parking on the grass. If you have visitors, please check in at office to see where they should park. Drones, quads, off-road motorcycles, mopeds, electric skateboards, RC vehicles of any kind, and children ride-on-battery powered vehicles are prohibited due to safety.
1Golf Cart / Electric or Gas Cycles
Operators must hold a valid driver’s license and owners must have proof of insurance for golf cart/electric or gas cycles. Units must be equipped with lights to drive at night.
2Speed Limit
The posted speed limit is 5 MPH! Please watch for sweet precious children who forget to watch for you!
3Bicycles, Pedal Karts & Playgrounds
Riding bikes and pedal karts are fun, but helmets are required for all children under 12 to protect them from injury. All bicycles must be parked at dusk (when the pole lights come on). Bicyclists must obey road signs! Playgrounds and activity center close at dusk.
4Alcoholic Beverages
No alcohol allowed except at your campsite. Disorderly conduct or public drunkenness will result in removal from the campground without refund!
5Pool Rules
There is NO lifeguard on duty at any time. Parents are responsible for watching their children. Swimming is at your own risk. All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult (at least 18) to swim. Never swim alone. No Animals, No Smoking or Glass of any kind to be inside pool area please. Children in diapers must wear a Little Swimmer, No diapers. No running, jumping, or diving. Please dry off before entering any buildings! No thongs or indecent bathing suits allowed in pool area. Pool closes at dusk.
Please do not move fire rings! All campfires are required to be contained within the fire ring, attended to at all times, and must be extinguished prior to retiring for safety. Do not place non-burnable items in fire rings (no glass, metal, nails, garbage, etc.) Bringing out-of-state firewood into TN is prohibited by law. Firewood may be purchased at the campground store.
2Prohibited Items
The use of all Fireworks; Sling Shots; BB, Air soft, or Paintball Guns; Firearms; & Bows and Arrows are Prohibited! Only hand held sparklers are permitted under adult supervision. No throwing sparklers! Please place used sparklers in garbage or dumpster, not your fire ring. Thank You!
3Please Conserve Water & Electricity
No kiddie pools or portable hot tubs, please. Washing RV’s and vehicles is prohibited! Please try to conserve electricity by shutting off outside lights before retiring for the night. Thank You!
4Campsite Rules
  • State law requires a sewer donut.
  • All campers must dispose of their garbage in dumpsters.
  • Do not throw garbage or cigarette butts on ground put in trash cans.
  • Clotheslines are prohibited. No ropes or chains tied to utilities, trees or signs. Do not put nails in trees.
  • Please do not put hot grills directly on picnic tables.
  • If you have an issue with another guest while staying here, please call us at (865) 444-GATE (4283). No matter the time of day or night, let us address the issue. Chances are, if they are disturbing you, they are disturbing others also.
  • Liability

    All Camping and/or renting a Cabin is at your own risk. We endeavor to provide a safe environment for our guests, however, guest recognizes and accepts that camping and/ or renting a cabin entails hazards from actions of others, weather, terrain, flora, fauna and campground activities, and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground management, its officers, family members, volunteers, employees and fellow campers harmless from injury to guest, loss or damage to property, themselves or others. Guests agree to pay for any damages to campground property, sites, cabins, park models, building, facilities, equipment, or loss of equipment, which may occur as a result of action or inaction by guest or their visitors. Guest agrees to immediately report any accident, injury or property damage to the manager or staff. If a hazard or dangerous situation exists on the premise, guests must notify the Management or staff immediately.

    Not Responsible For Damage, Theft, or Loss

    Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground Management is not responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of camper’s/guest possessions. Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground, its management, family members, volunteers, employees, officers and employees shall be held harmless from any act and is not responsible for any damages to camper/vehicle whether damaged by any virtue of man or by an act of God. All camping or renting a cabin is at your own risk.

    Commercial Video/Photography is Conducted Here

    We reserve the right to use any photograph or video taken on Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground property for any use we choose, including but not limited to use on our website, online use, brochures, printed materials, advertising materials, posted videos, and for public exhibit.

    We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service

    Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason he/she deems necessary and to evict those who do not comply with the rules. Management and the owners are not responsible for any loss of property, damage, accidents or injury for any reason including fire, theft or acts of nature. Management reserves the right to seek compensation for any blatant destruction of Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground property.